Soil Pore Network Omics
Microbial communities – microbiome – are responsible for the most functions in natural and agricultural soils and govern transformations of organic matter. Localization of microorganisms at microscale – in pores and aggregates, as well as at the scale of soil profile define the fluxes of water, organic substances and nutrients, and so, determine the composition and functions of soil microbiome. Understanding the exceptional heterogeneity, biodiversity and activity of microbial communities driving the most biogenic processes is impossible without considering the specifics of soil pore space and aggregates structure at microscale. This project aims on specifics of taxonomic and functional composition of soil microbiome by transformation of organic substances of increasing availability depending on their localization on the pores of increasing size in the three dominants soil types of Russia.
  • PhD. Anna Yudina
    Lab Head, Senior Researcher,
    Dokuchaev PhysLab
  • PhD. Mikhail Semenov
    Lab Head, Senior Researcher,
  • PhD. Dmitry Fomin
    Lab Head, AgroDT Lab
  • Prof., Dr. Yakov Kuzykov
    University of Göttingen
  • PhD. Valeriya Klyueva
  • PhD. St. Konstantin Romanenko
    Researcher, Dokuchaev PhysLab
  • PhD. St. Maria Timofeeva
    Junior Researcher, Dokuchaev PhysLab
  • M. St. Olga Ovchinnikova
    Engineer, Dokuchaev PhysLab
  • PhD. Vladimir Cheptsov
    Lomonosov Moscow State University
Structure and functions of microbiome in transformation of organic substances in pore space of natural and agricultural soils
Head - Anna Yudina
Lifespan, activity and localization of C cycle enzymes in soil structure on micro-scale
Head - Anna Yudina

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