Indicators of Soil Structure
Healthy soil structure is the one of the main prerequisites for sustainable and effective agricultural land use. Properties and arrangement of soil structural units called "aggregates" (Yudina & Kuzyakov, 2019) changes over the time and as consequence cause a shift in the structural state of the soil system. Due to these abilities to evolution and dynamics soil structure is a sensitive and indicative tool for the soil management and quantitative assessment of soil functions (Rabot et al., 2018). Timely and rapid assessment of soil structural change becomes a relevant scientific and practical task in the face of global climate change and intensification of anthropogenic impact on soils. For this purpose, it is necessary to have good indicators of soil structure quality.
  • PhD. Anna Yudina
    Lab Head, Senior Researcher,
    Dokuchaev PhysLab
  • Dr. Elena Skvortsova
    Chief Researcher, Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute
  • PhD. Dmitry Fomin
    Lab Head, AgroDT Lab
  • Prof., Dr. Evgeny Shein
    Lomonosov Soil Science Institute
  • PhD. Alla Yurova
    Senior Researcher
  • PhD. Valeriya Klyueva
  • PhD. St. Konstantin Romanenko
    Researcher, Dokuchaev PhysLab
  • PhD. Konstantin Abrosimov
    Dokuchaev PhysLab
  • PhD. St. Maria Timofeeva
    Junior Researcher, Dokuchaev PhysLab
  • M. St. Olga Ovchinnikova
    Engineer, Dokuchaev PhysLab
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